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As leaders in the arena of 21st Century education, Radiant Educational Services provides the future leaders with the qualifications that best suit them facilitating them to be useful Global Citizens of the Global Village.

RES was established in 2021 by the founder who has an experience of over 25 years in a similar capacity and also in the field of education. Since its inception, RES has been offering highly recognized educational and professional development qualifications in two fields. This includes Teacher Training and Beauty Professionals modifications to local students.

In addressing a nationally felt issue of unemployment in Sri Lanka, RES brings the human resources to productive power, embellishing in the apprentices the skills and potential within.

The RES is a nationally recognized institution which directly supports the youth of Sri Lanka to develop their skills, utilize them in the fields of their choices and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Keeping in line with the past conventions and experiences, RES rejuvenated include the delivery of the presentations from eminent international and local speakers with a wide global exposure and provide networking opportunities. RES specifically considers the imperative role that apprentices as future leaders play in their selected professions and thus nurtures learners via counselling and supporting to make decisions and solve problems related to personal, communal, national and global matters. RES encourages the panel of lecturers to go beyond their subject-matter expertise to help young apprentices realize that conventional notions of knowledge, skills and competences that are being redefined continuously.

The RES qualifications add value to the professions and help the young generation to move up in their career, and the ladder of success. Further, the RES qualifications serve as an outstanding recognition in the social lives of the young generation.

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